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Psara heirlooms held at the municipal offices of Eretria in Evia (aka New Psara, Νέα Ψαρά). Above top: Kassa ton Metriton (Κάσσα τών Μετρητών)--cash exchange; above bottom: the revolutionary flag of Psara.


Left top: Kassa's last page signed by secretary Pavlos Palaiologos. Left bottom: samples of the hand written pages of Kassa (all photos from CNN video).



This is a digitized version of the original, pen-written ledger of taxes/donations and expenses/costs of Psara between 1820 and 1823. The book was brought by Psarian refugees to Eretria, Evia, after the island’s destruction in 1824, along with one of the island’s revolutionary flags. Eretria then became known as New Psara and the two cities have since formed a “brotherhood.” The ledger was discovered in Eretria’s municipal offices by Vasilios Sfyroeras, an Athens university history professor, who interpreted, transcribed and digitized it in 1973.


In 2017 CNN Greece produced this video—Η Κάσσα τών Μετρητών, Jun 21, 2017.